June 24, 2019
Technical Assurance, LLC


In addition to working with our client companies, Technical Assurance has a history of working with project owners and general contractors in implementing programs that will create opportunities for small, disadvantaged, or historically underutilized contractors or subcontractors.   

By lending our expertise and emerging contractor services like Surety Express, Funds Disbursement, and the SBA, we can assist program managers in their delivery process and provide direction to certain trade contractors who might not have otherwise been eligible to participate on a project.


Subcontract Prequalification

The general or prime contractor is responsible for the completion of all aspects of a contract, regardless of whether they actually perform the work or subcontract it to a third party.  While requiring a bond on the subcontractors is the Technical Assurance, recommended risk transfer technique, bonding all subcontractors at all times is often impractical or cost prohibitative.   Waiving the bonds, however, and the contractor assumes the responsibility for prequalification.

Technical Assurance is a service provider with particular expertise in the prequalification process.  While not a guarantee or remedy to contractor failure, we can establish and help implement specific pre-qualification criteria based on the risk and complexities to improve your source selections. 

So whether you are a general contractor prescreening area subs or working in support of an emerging contractor, business development program, Technical Assurance can offer third party, prequalification assistance and help implement an underwriting program similar to those we employ for our own accounts. 



The principals of Technical Assurance are specialist in construction processes and are available to assist in a wide variety of surety, insurance, accounting, banking, construction management, project delivery, and dispute avoidance issues. Whether you are in need of direct consultation or partnering facilitators, Technical Assurance has the resources available to assist.