July 3, 2022
Technical Assurance, LLC


A contractor who relies exclusively on insurance for protection is foregoing many opportunities to reduce costs.  By taking a risk management approach to your business rather than simply managing your insurance, you can successfully protect your assets while minimizing the cost of risk.  

In large companies, this is accomplished through a risk management department where it is believed that a risk manager can save roughly 15% per year in risk costs.  While economically feasible for a large company, smaller companies seldom can afford this benefit. 




Technical Assurance provides risk management and consulting services on an independent basis. We do not sell insurance and we are not affiliated with any insurance provider for the purpose of writing insurance. We can, however, provide our contractor clients with competent and independent oversight to insure that they are maximizing their program benefits and receive the proper pricing considerations.


Our Services Include:

Risk Identification and Retention Services

Guaranteed Cost and Risk Finance Program Design

Executive Review and Program Audits

Risk Management Studies

Oversite to the Renewal or Broker Selection Process