July 3, 2022
Technical Assurance, LLC

Executive Review and Program Audit

As part of our Insurance Review and Program Audit, Technical Assurance will provide an overview of your insurance policies to evaluate the competitiveness of your program and to address any areas needing attention. 

Technical Assurance Services Include:


1)  Insurance Coverage's - Review the Brokers Proposal in relationship to Binders, Policy Forms, Endorsements and Exclusion's.


2)  Adequacy of Limits  - Review Limits of Insurance to determine adequacy in relation to job specifications.


3)  Rates and Classification Verification - Review rating basis and job classifications for accuracy in relation to actual job descriptions.


4)  Competitiveness of the Program - Check overall competitiveness of the Program relative to current market conditions.


5)  Qualification of Brokers and Insurance Companies - An assessment of the brokers experience level and relationship with the carrier.


Having a program audit will provide you with independent oversight as to the adequacy of the policy provisions, determination of values, (over/under insured), and the overall competitiveness of your program.