July 3, 2022
Technical Assurance, LLC


Express Bond Program  (Surety On-Line)


Express Bond Programs are designed specifically for contractors with infrequent surety needs and is the easiest and quickest way to get bonded.  Your application will receive priority processing, generally within 24-48hrs., and the underwriting will be limited, in some cases, to your personal credit history. 


  • Step 1 – Download and Complete one of the below applications…


Developers Surety - Insco Xpress Application  -  IXC is for contractors seeking bonds for single jobs up to $200,000 with aggregate bond work programs up to $400,000. 


Suretec - SureQuick Express Application - Surequick can bond single jobs up to $100,000 with the one page application and up to $500,000 with minimal supplemental information.



  • Step 2 – Please send the application (and contract for final bonds) by fax to 281-296-9998  OR email your Technical Assurance Professional at  bonds@technical-assurance.com


Note:  Express bonds cover most classes of construction with the exception of environmental or hazardous material abatement, completion, subdivision or multi-year contracts. Bond rates for the Express Bond Program is 3% of the contract price up to $100,000 and 2% of the contract price in excess of $100,000 (premium totals are subject to a $500 minimum)