July 3, 2022
Technical Assurance, LLC


  Wonder how we got our name?


Merriam-Webster defines:

tech-ni-cal - Skillful of a particular subject. Having a special and practical knowledge of a subject marked by or characteristic of specialization.

as-sur-ance - Pledge, guarantee, security. Confidence of mind, freedom from self doubt or uncertainty.



In selecting our name, we wanted to recognize the Technical skills required of the business and the Assurances we provide our clients, the assurances inherent in our product.

As surety professionals, we are expected to have a Technical understanding of construction accounting and finance, the ability to perform financial statement and trending analysis, and to have a working knowledge of construction documents and contract law.

Most important are the Assurances we provide to our clients. Offering sound business advice and guidance throughout the bonding process, we become an integral part of our client’s company advisory group and contribute extensive experience in strategic planning and best practices.