July 3, 2022
Technical Assurance, LLC


Growth in any organization is essential to a firm’s economic well-being and its most meaningful yardstick is one that shows progress with respect to its stated goals.  Since the ultimate goal of most companies is to make a profit, net profit is often utilized as the “bottom-line” indication of growth.  We, however, measure our organizational growth in terms of client retention and referrals.

As partners of Technical Assurance, we recognized that to grow organically, earnings need to be reinvested into the organization and into associate development.  Net profits are not a true measure of strategic growth and retention, and in fact, often lead to cost cutting and diminished service levels simply in effort to achieve a desired shareholder return. 

Headquartered in Houston, Technical Assurance continues to gain market share and service a client base throughout the State of Texas including client companies in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  This, we believe, presents a consistent message about our organization, our commitment to service, and the focus we have on client needs.